Adobe Flash and Flex future

With latest announcement ( here ) today by Flex team at Adobe, doubts must have thickened more about future of Flash, Flex and related technologies. This has more clearly set message that HTML5 is the way Adobe is taking and which might have some serious concern for current Flex developers. But wait…

First we all have to agree that technology evolves and that the very nature of it which has given us so many innovations. So these changes are inevitable and should be accepted with much more open mind. Flash flex has been great product over years, but like any other technology it has reached it peak from where a big decision has to be made. This has proven true over and over again with many other technologies/languages Basic, Pascal, C, C++ and even Java.

Secondly, making it open source could even prove better for Flash and will move it to the directly community would like to take. Imaging that nagging feature you had to request again and again to Adobe and wait for a version to have it fixed. Now you will have control over it.

Actionscript, As a language has proven its potential and I believe with new cross platforms/languages developement it could prove a great language to develop HTML5/Javascript based applications. Just write it once in Actionscript and export it to HTML5 app, Android, IOS and many more

So overall, the technologies move for better and so we need to do the same too. Therefore lets thanks Adobe for taking such a big decision to make sure that we all developers move ahead with technologies of tomorrow


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